If you’d like to learn the true origin of The Lone Ranger, the “masked rider of the plains who led the fight for law and order in the early western United States,” mark your calendar for Saturday, July 20.

As part of its annual Radio Day By The Bay, The California Historical Radio Society is proud to present a staged recreation of the original 1948 broadcast “The Origin of the Lone Ranger,” written by Fran Striker.

The recreation, courtesy of the Bay Area Broadcast Legends’ Old Time Radio Players, features former San Francisco News Anchor Fred LaCosse as The Lone Ranger and Matt Elmore, voice of KQED, as his “faithful Indian companion Tonto.” The cast is filled out by a number of other retired but still active local radio and TV professionals, and even a lawyer.

The program traces the history of The Lone Ranger, how he met Tonto, and how he found his horse, Silver. It is complete with original music and sound effects.

The action kicks off at 9am, when the grounds of KRE are opened to the public for a day of vintage music, auctions of vintage radios, tours of the 1950s radio studios, as well as food, fun and frolic for all ages.

The Broadcast Legends will take the stage at 11am. A $5 donation is requested at the gate, which is located in Berkeley where Shellmound Avenue crosses over Ashby Avenue, just inside Aquatic Park.