FRANK HANNON: The Electric Guitar Legacy, Part 2 “THE AMPLIFIER!”

TESLA guitarist FRANK HANNON details the mechanics and importance of amplification In my last article "THE ELECTRIC GUITAR LEGACY, Part 1" I discussed the endless possibilities of the electric guitar as a musical instrument that can showcase each individual artist's unique playing style, and how the simplicity of its design has not changed much since its conception in the 1950s. I have now realized that I cannot discuss the electric guitar's sonic legacy without exposing the utmost importance of its [...]


Hi, BAM Readers, My name is Frank Hannon, and you might know me as the lead guitarist of the band TESLA. This article is my debut feature for BAM I must start off by saying that I feel very honored that Kat Stevenson asked me to contribute as a “Celebrity Writer" for BAM’s relaunch celebration. As an up-and-coming musician, I loved reading BAM in the early 1980s to discover local Bay Area bands and to learn about the [...]