Concert Alert: Bob Rabbit Presents “Art, Compassion, Humanity” – A Benefit concert

For as long as he can remember, Rob Rigolfi, or as he’s better known as, Bob Rabbit has had two passions, Music and Philanthropy.  After several trips to Haiti to volunteer with those in need, Bob began exposing his style of music to the locals, and they liked it.  They saw it as a form of free expression, and a way to share their story to the world. The only problem, the significant lack of infrastructure made giving the local [...]

Local Band Alert: Novicain Road

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: TATIANA MICHAELIS   If I asked you to close your eyes and think of the first time you truly realized what music meant to you, what would it be?  Mine came when I was 15 years old, one day in in rehearsal for my High School’s production of Grease.  It was the first time I had to learn to play any cords on the guitar, the first time I ever got a real opportunity to sing [...]

Local Band Interview: Raul Castillo and The Space Monkees

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: TATIANA MICHAELIS Colma based musician Raul Castillo and his current flagship project The Space Monkees have been frequenting local Bay Area venues for the last few years, and accumulating a very loyal fan base along the way. Recently performing at the DNA Lounge on February 19th, I was able to meet with the band watch what they felt was their best show to date. Frontman and founding member Raul Castillo has had a lifetime of [...]

Local Band Interview: Thrown-Out Bones

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: TATIANA MICHAELIS “A Little bit of funk, a little of folk, a little bit of rock, a whole lot of junk, and multi instrumentalists that like to dance.” Is an interesting way for anyone to describe their work, but for San Francisco’s own Thrown-Out Bones, it truly is an all-encompassing narrative for anyone seeking introduction to their unique and inventive style of music. Thrown-Out Bones performed at the DNA Lounge on February 19th, showcasing their own [...]

An Evening with Dawes: A (P)Review

  ARTICLE & PHOTOS: Nick Gumas Earlier today, while looking at upcoming concerts, as I have been told people who enjoy music tend to do, I noticed that the band Dawes was scheduled to play later this month in San Francisco, and was immediately reminded of a road trip I took to see them perform in Central California earlier this year. Anyone who has already done this will vouch, taking a long road trip to see a band you have never [...]

Sum 41 Shows Transformation in San Francisco

Sum 41 Shows Transformation in San Francisco Article & Photos by Nick Gumas One of the defining moments in the relationship I have with music happened many years ago when I saw Sum 41 perform live for the first time. Years later, I can still tell you with absolute certainty which songs they opened with, closed with, and most of the ones in between. I remember the anticipation of looking up at a red tinted stage and waiting for the show [...]

Good Charlotte Debuts New Music in San Francisco

Article and Photos by Nick Gumas The year 2016 has been somewhat of an anomaly in the world of music. We began the year with the loss of David Bowie, then we lost Maurice White of “Earth, Wind, and Fire,” and not soon after, even Prince left us much sooner than anyone could have expected. In many ways, this has been a year of great loss for the music community. The lows of this year have been hard, but on [...]