Exclusive Interview with Tribal Theory’s Nico Tuilesu

Since 2005, Nico Tuilesu and Tribal Theory have been defining and redefining themselves within the Reggae genre.  While proudly representing themselves as well representing the forces that shaped them throughout their lives, they have never strayed from making music which they felt to be legitimate to their beliefs. Recently, we were able to speak with Nico, the band's Lead Singer and Founding Member, and learn a little about his influences, his defining moments, and why he and the rest of [...]

BAM’s Exclusive Interview with Sam Johnson

From a young age, Sam Johnson knew he wanted to be a musician, and ever since moving to San Francisco he has been making a name for himself in the local music scene.  From performing on the streets of Fisherman's Wharf to packing local venues, he has come far in a short time, and continues to loves what he does more and more each and every step of the way.  Join us as we bring Sam Johnson into our studio on this [...]

The Damned Celebrate 40 Years in San Francisco

Article by: Nick Gumas Photos by: Paul Windsor   1976 was by no means an uneventful year for music. Of course this was the year we at BAM opened our doors for the first time, but outside of our own world, music itself underwent a renaissance unlike ever before.  Elton John was topping charts worldwide with his new hit single Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, The Band performed for the final time and went out with a concert so legendary that it prompted Martin Scorsese [...]

Top 5 Bands To See at Cali Roots

California Roots (Or “Cali Roots” as it’s commonly known) has long since been a staple in celebrating California’s proud history of reggae music.  Since it’s inception in 2010, countless reggae superstars from Pepper to Ziggy Marley have called this stage in Monterey, California home.  With the enormous list of bands set to perform this year, figuring out which bands to prioritize can be a little overwhelming, so we at BAM have compiled a list of the top five bands [...]

Sleaford in America: Brexit and the 2016 Election

Article by: Nick Gumas Photos by: Paul Windsor Sleaford Mods, a Post-Punk duo from Nottingham U.K. are known for their politically charged messages and blunt lyrics.  For the last decade, they have been touring well beyond just their home town with their own brand of forthright and explicit music that always reminds us to question the powers that be and to think for ourselves.  Coming from a working class background themselves, the duo of Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn inspire dialogue [...]

The Damned Comes To The Bay!

If you’re a fan of the U.K Punk scene, then no doubt you remember The Damned, and I know its safe to say the modern Punk scene would not be the same without their influence.  With songs like New Rose, Neat Neat Neat, and Love Song, The Damned paved the way for a whole new wave of music.  The Damned were the first UK Punk band to tour in America, and truly set the standard for DIY Punk.  Described [...]

BAM Exclusive: Bay Area’s Own Caroline Sky on The Voice

If anyone has been keeping up with NBC's The Voice, then Caroline Sky is a name you're used to hearing by now.  At only 16 years old she has powered her way through the first few rounds of this competition, and willed her way to this point in the show so far.  We recently sat down with Caroline to hear from her and her experiences on The Voice in this special edition of BAM Radio.     Special thanks to NBC and Caroline [...]

Art. Compassion. Humanity: The Bob Rabbit Project

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: BAHRAM AHMADY The first time I met Rob Rigolfi was almost like a scene from a movie.  When I first walked into his studio, Rob was on top of a ladder and preoccupied setting up a video projector.  When he heard me enter the room, his focus immediately shifted to making sure I felt at home.  Eager to meet me, Rob leapt down from the rafters, immediately shook my hand, and proceeded to give me a tour of [...]

Local Band Interview With Philip Toscano and The Bribes

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: BAHRAM AHMADY Since the California Gold Rush, San Francisco has long since been the westward destination for countless innovators who came seeking their own interpretation of fortune.  A city built on the dreams of some of history’s greatest adventurers, San Francisco is as much a destination for the world’s most determined and ambitious today as much as it was almost 200 years ago.  In this respect, Philip Toscano is a modern day pioneer.  Drawn to the city by love, [...]

Concert Alert: Bob Rabbit Presents “Art, Compassion, Humanity” – A Benefit concert

For as long as he can remember, Rob Rigolfi, or as he’s better known as, Bob Rabbit has had two passions, Music and Philanthropy.  After several trips to Haiti to volunteer with those in need, Bob began exposing his style of music to the locals, and they liked it.  They saw it as a form of free expression, and a way to share their story to the world. The only problem, the significant lack of infrastructure made giving the local [...]

Local Band Alert: Novicain Road

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: TATIANA MICHAELIS   If I asked you to close your eyes and think of the first time you truly realized what music meant to you, what would it be?  Mine came when I was 15 years old, one day in in rehearsal for my High School’s production of Grease.  It was the first time I had to learn to play any cords on the guitar, the first time I ever got a real opportunity to sing [...]

Local Band Interview: Raul Castillo and The Space Monkees

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: TATIANA MICHAELIS Colma based musician Raul Castillo and his current flagship project The Space Monkees have been frequenting local Bay Area venues for the last few years, and accumulating a very loyal fan base along the way. Recently performing at the DNA Lounge on February 19th, I was able to meet with the band watch what they felt was their best show to date. Frontman and founding member Raul Castillo has had a lifetime of [...]

Local Band Interview: Thrown-Out Bones

ARTICLE BY: NICK GUMAS PHOTOS BY: TATIANA MICHAELIS “A Little bit of funk, a little of folk, a little bit of rock, a whole lot of junk, and multi instrumentalists that like to dance.” Is an interesting way for anyone to describe their work, but for San Francisco’s own Thrown-Out Bones, it truly is an all-encompassing narrative for anyone seeking introduction to their unique and inventive style of music. Thrown-Out Bones performed at the DNA Lounge on February 19th, showcasing their own [...]

An Evening with Dawes: A (P)Review

  ARTICLE & PHOTOS: Nick Gumas Earlier today, while looking at upcoming concerts, as I have been told people who enjoy music tend to do, I noticed that the band Dawes was scheduled to play later this month in San Francisco, and was immediately reminded of a road trip I took to see them perform in Central California earlier this year. Anyone who has already done this will vouch, taking a long road trip to see a band you have never [...]

Sum 41 Shows Transformation in San Francisco

Sum 41 Shows Transformation in San Francisco Article & Photos by Nick Gumas One of the defining moments in the relationship I have with music happened many years ago when I saw Sum 41 perform live for the first time. Years later, I can still tell you with absolute certainty which songs they opened with, closed with, and most of the ones in between. I remember the anticipation of looking up at a red tinted stage and waiting for the show [...]