Bay Area Tribute to Prince From the Catwalk

Written By: Keno Mapp ( Photos by: Bryan Farley ( HOT COUTURE 2017 When I was pitched by Lisa Bautista a longtime friend and PR representative for the event to offer my views, I was first taken aback simply because I never really liked critics. Then I thought about Prince's own words "All the critics love you in NY," so the thought engulfed me to wonder just how fashion designers could express their appreciation for our lost friend Prince. It seems since his passing, there [...]

One-On-One with Ice-T and the Return of Body Count: Keeping it Real

Ice-T, the forefather of Gangsta Rap, has led the way over decades. As unjust situations sprout up through the years in black communities across the U.S., he does not remain quiet; he does not sit still. Always, he is hardcore with his music expressions, making it clear that you cannot just stand idle, watching as the house of cards falls in on underprivileged communities. His own first-hand experiences help set the tone for his reactions and put him in a [...]

Dano Photography

Annabella Lwin the Original Bow Wow Wow

From the '80s punk rock revolution to the start of Sony's Mini Disc Player featured in her video "Carsex," to today's digital streaming MP3's and 4's, Annabella Lwin still rocks! The birth of  punk rock  in the London Underground movement began self-expression through music and fashion, idle-no-more mentality, and girls with Mohawks.  Annabella Lwin set that trend, and it is still popular today. Annabella was among those who held the front line after the notorious Sex Pistols and Malcolm McClaren waged a war [...]