BAM’s Top 10 moments of ID10T Fest

Last weekend was the inauguration of Chris Hardwick’s ID10T Fest, and with it came two days of nonstop action at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.  ID10T Fest can only be described as one quarter Music, one quarter Comic-Con, one quarter Comedy, one a quarter Rave.  With so much going on, it can be hard for anyone to narrow down their priorities of what to see, so in case you missed anything from the festival this year, here is the list of BAM’s top 10 favorite moments from this year’s ID10T Fest.


1. Ron Gallo’s Introduction

Showing up on the main stage on Saturday, Ron Gallo had, quite possibly, one of the most unique introductions of any band I have ever seen.  Most bands come onstage accompanied by loud music and overwhelming visual effects.  Not Ron Gallo.  After unceremoniously walking to their places, Ron pulled a folded piece of paper from his pocket, and in a monotone voice proceeded to cold read an introductory monologue.  Opening with “Hello, my name is Ron Gallo.  That is also the name of our band… Ron Gallo” was all he needed to get the attention of the amphitheater.  A perfect introduction for their style of music that gets right to the point.

2. Our Interview with Party Favor

Check out our exclusive interview with Party Favor Here and see what we learned from talking to him.






3. Zed’s Dead’s Effects

We’ve all heard Zed’s Dead’s music, but their live show was over the top in all the right ways.  Between the smoke and the lights, they set the stage to close out the Madd Decent dance tent with the last performance of the weekend.




4. TroyBoi’s Energy

Coming out of the gate with a bang, TroyBoi never once let up.  With moves that wouldn’t stop, he gave us more to look at than the average DJ.








5. The Whole Madd Decent Dance Tent

I could make a whole list about the Madd Decent dance tent, so I’m just going to cap it off here.  This experience was one of the highlights of ID10T Fest, and lived up to all expectations we had for it going into the weekend.  The star studded lineup kept the tent packed from morning to night, a real destination for those going to ID10T.


6. Chris Hardwick’s Surprise Appearance in the Monster Energy Comedy Tent

The genius behind ID10T himself made a surprise appearance at the Monster Energy comedy tent, and killed it with every joke.  Admitting himself that the comedy tent was a bigger hit than even he himself had hoped, the star of @Midnight and Talking Dead felt so compelled to contribute with his own style of humor that reminded us all that ID10T was always about so much more than just the music.






7. Chris Hardwick Dubs Futurama “The Un-Killable Show”

Starting Sunday off right, Hardwick mediated a panel featuring some of the stars behind popular show Futurama.  Voice Actors Billy West, Phil LaMarr, and Maurice LaMarche were in attendance to answer questions, and talk about their feelings toward the show that has been cancelled four separate times, but still retains their loyal cult following, leading Hardwick to describe it as “The Un-Killable Show.”



8. Dan Harmon Confirms; Rick and Morty is “Sitting in a vault, somewhere”

Dan Harmon confirms that Season 3 of Rick and Morty is finished and ready to broadcast.  When the topic was brought up on the long awaited unveiling of his hit T.V. show, Harmon responded with “They’re done drawing it, it’s sitting in a vault somewhere.”  So, that’s it, folks.  It would appear that we can rest relatively easy now, new episodes of Rick and Morty should be on the way this summer.



9. Weezer’s Set List

Weezer is a band that never disappoints, but this is especially true when it comes to the work that goes into their shows beyond the musical element.  The genius that is Rivers Cuomo simply connects with his audience on another level, and knows what we all want too well.  With countless hits such as Island in the Sun, Back to the Shack, Beverly Hills, Thank God for Girls, and of course their signature closing song Buddy Holly, Weezer has too many hits to list, but still they manage to get through so many of them in every performance, it almost feels as if every song they play is a single.  Be sure to take a look at their new single Feels Like Summer and see for yourself that Weezer is still as good now as they ever were.


10. The Mowgli’s Closing Their Set with “San Francisco”

We all knew they were going to play it, but hearing the Calabasas-based band finish their set with a song that has for several years been an anthem for what the Bay Area means to so many people who have fallen head over heels with they have found in San Francisco.  A great way to cap off a fantastic performance.



Well that’s it until next year.  What a great success for ID10T Festival in their first year, we can’t wait to see how much bigger it gets the next time around.


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