BUSH: The Warfield SF June 1, 2017

The London born post-grunge band Bush made a recent appearance at San Francisco’s beloved Warfield. Almost 3 decades later these British rockers are still giving a performance reminiscent of the 90’s, as if time has stood still.  Bush is on tour in support of their 7th studio album, Black and White Rainbows, which released earlier in 2017.  The band is currently comprised of original members Gavin Rossdale (vox/rhythm guitar) and Robin Goodridge (drums), along with newer members Chris Traynor (lead guitar) and Corey Britz (bass).

The band hit the stage with their early hit “Everything Zen” (Sixteen Stone), to a roaring room of ecstatic fans.  They performed many of their best tunes, including “Swallowed”, Greed Fly” , “Chemicals Between Us” and “Letting the Cables Sleep”….  Bush continued on throughout the night, weaving from song to song and not missing any favorites from each album.

The performance was crashing over the audience song after song as the band haloed in a flurry of lights and backlit by images on screen as each song was made alive in imagery as well as sound.  The band played so intensely and with such album quality timing that it was hard to believe that what was being seen was live.  Rossdale’s voice and delivery kept a steady and perfect pitched tone, with Traynor, Britz and Goodridge all fiercely adding their presence.

The evening came to a close with Rossdale making his way down to the crowd to sing a few last songs (Machinehead, Glycerine, Comedown and The One I Love).   Bush set out on this US leg of the tour which will take them almost daily in a new city well into October.  Be sure to catch a show if you can, you will not be disappointed. 


  • Set List
  • Everything Zen
  • Nurse
  • Chemicals Between Us
  • Sound Of Winter
  • Mad Love
  • The Only Way Out
  • Reasons
  • People That We Love
  • Swallowed
  • Beat of Your Heart
  • Sky Turns Day Glo
  • Lettting the Cables Sleep
  • Peace-s
  • Little Things
  • MachineHead
  • The One I Love
  • Glycerine
  • Comedown

Photos/Review: Jen Cash

Line Edits: Leah Storkson

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