Chelsea Wolfe x Youth Code: The Regency Ballroom SF, CA

Chelsea Wolfe, a night of darkness… bathed in light, as she ends her US Tour at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom. Wolfe embodies and emotes, the anguish, that rides along our wants…desires, while searching for self and the release of those haunting emotions, this conversation speaks loudly through her powerful music, lyrics and the languid vocals she has become known for.  A Bay Area native, born in Roseville Ca, and raised in Sacramento, a daughter of a country musician, Wolfe found herself, growing up in her father’s home studio, where she wrote her own songs by age nine.

With an influence in black metal and Scandinavian folk music, Chelsea wrote her first album,  Mistake in Parting, (2006), which she never released as she claimed she “was writing really personal stuff about my own life, and I didn’t feel comfortable at all…”.  That first endeavor was followed by , The Grime and the Glow (Released 2010, Pendu Sound Recordings), Apokalypsis (2011, Pendu Sound Recordings), Pain Is Beauty (2013, Sargent House), and Abyss (2015, Sargent House).  This recent US tour, is in support of the band’s current album release, Hiss Spun (Released September 2017), and took the band across North America for a month and a half where they found themselves selling out venues at many stops.

The night ended up being a journey, alongside Wolfe and her bandmates; Ben Chisholm (synth, bass, piano, electronics), Jess Gowrie (drums), Bryan Tulao , (lead guitar), Fred Sablan (bass), Troy Van Leeuwen (guitars), all of us in a spiraling story with them, of the darkness, the light and the road to release.  Chelsea Wolfe will be on tour in 2018 heading across New Zealand & Australia.

Los Angeles own, Youth Code was main support for the tour, with: Sara Taylor and Ryan George.  I have been privy to see this band a few times, and they just keep getting better each time.  The band’s sound has been described as industrial music infused with “hardcoreangst.” Hitting the scene in 2012 with their self-released Demonstrational Cassette, lead to a chance meeting with Psychic TV; Youth Code were later invited to release their first single, “Keep Falling Apart“.  Youth Code signed with Dais Records in 2013, released a self-titled debut and found themselves opening acts for groups such as AFI and many others.  Their most recent album, Commitment to Complications, was released in April 2016.  To date, they have released two full-length studio albums, an EP, and two additional singles.

The band hit the stage, back-lit and pelting us with a fury of beats, drums and synths, accompanied by Sara’s hard emotion evoking vocals.  They went on to give a  pounding in-your-face set.  Keep an eye on this band…they are making a noticeable noise, that’s stopping the music industries who’s who in their tracks!

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