Converge: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco CA

Last week, american hardcore punk legends, Converge, invaded San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall in support of the mighty Neurosis as part of a 15 date North American summer tour . Also joining the run for select dates are Belgian post hardcore/metal band “Amenra” and French hardcore punk band “Birds in a Row”.
Converge ignited the sold out SF crowd opening with “Reptilian”, their first single from their latest full length album “The Dusk In Us”. An anxious and awaiting legion quickly broke into a gale of circle pits, stage dives and crowd surfing. Converge is no strangers to their crowds giving everything they have, due to the bands signature staple of auditory blitzkrieg and ethos. The band belted through an impressive 19 song set encompassing songs from past releases such as “All We Love We Leave Behind”, “Axe To Fall”, “No Heroes”, “You Fail Me”, and of course “Jane Doe”.
Hailing from Salem Massachusetts, Converge was formed in 1990 by vocalist Jacob Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou. During the recording of their critically acclaimed fourth album “Jane Doe”, the band became intact with the most recognizable and essential lineup to date, secured by bassist Nate Newton and drummer Ben Koller. Since 2000, this line up has recorded the bands most prolific albums and continues the ever growing neurological explorations on their latest offering, 2018’s “The Beautiful Ruin EP”.
In the wild world of the music industry, it’s been historically documented and extremely challenging for artists to not have an ebb and flow of amazing albums and some “not so” amazing albums. As a long time supporter of this band, I can honestly say they are among the few that have the gift of every release being as prodigious, or even more colossal, than the previous. Converge is truly fascinating to witness and, in turn, extremely rewarding to long time supporters and listeners alike.

Dark Horse
Aimless Arrow
Under Duress
A Single Tear
Drop Out
Arkhipov Calm
The Dusk in Us
Eye of the Quarrel
Broken by Light

Eagles Become Vultures
Empty on the Inside
I Can Tell You About Pain

Photos: Jen Cash