D.R.I. – Just Moshin’ Through

August 22, 2014
Oakland Metro Operahouse, Oakland

There is nothing like a punk show to get the blood circulating…and then throw in some metal for good measure.

Punk and metal are very close relatives, especially when D.R.I. (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles) is in the house with their special blend of punk/thrash music. Fans haven’t heard a new release from D.R.I. since 1995’s release of Full Speed Ahead, but that hasn’t seemed to affect their loyalty. They showed up in force at the Oakland Metro in Jack London Square, complete with a full throttle attitude that kept the mosh pit, crowd surfers, and stage divers in high gear, playing crowd favorites like “Madman,” “Couch Slouch,” ” Don’t Need Society,” and “Violent Pacification.”

D.R.I. sets themselves apart from many in their genre because they are truly different. On one hand, you have the fast and furious arrangements that are a signature of thrash: but there is much less posturing toward the dark metal edge than many of their genre mates. Rather, D.R.I.’s focus doesn’t take life so seriously. Their music has more of a light-hearted, adolescent punk vibe as a vehicle to vent their angst toward social conformity and refusal to become another lemming in the sea of life.

But the fans are not the only ones whose loyalty is astounding. The band members themselves have persevered through some major “pit falls” over the past decade. Founding member guitarist Spike Cassidy was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2006. This forced the band to take a lengthy hiatus from the road while he underwent several surgeries and chemotherapy treatments to eventually rid him of this insidious disease.

New music is on the horizon for D.R.I. in the near future, so says Spike in this audio clip…

Spike Cassidy has been a veteran force and an enduring voice in punk and metal’s legacy. Please listen to the next clip to find out how to contribute your support  to his ongoing fight against cancer and his visions for the future of D.R.I.

Hatriot filled the support slot at this mosh marathon. For a young band, Hatriot has been receiving quite a bit of attention in the media lately when it was announced that Hatriot vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza would be reassuming his position at the mic with his former band Exodus, one of the founders of the thrash metal genre. Hatriot currently consists of Steve”Zetro”Souza  (vocals); his sons Nick Souza (drums) and Cody Souza (bass); and Kosta Varvatakis (guitars). The ensemble is literally a mix of the old school and the new. Hatriot’s music has the old school foundation that Zetro helped build in metal’s infancy, mixed with a newer, more modern feel influenced by the band’s’ young counterparts.

Hatriot, too, had the fans in a frenzy! Zetro barked out the lyrical orders with the band at his back to carry them out. No doubt about it, it was time to mosh! Hatriot has just released their first full-length CD on Mascot Records, Dawn of the Centurion. And although it would seem to clash with Zetro’s new plans to rejoin Exodus, he is steadfast in his commitment to keep both projects on the rails.

Also playing on this bill were Blind Illusion, Angerhead, The King Must Die, and Cultural Warfare.


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