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Latin Grammy nominated band DLD has been tearing it up worldwide in the years since they first took the stage.  Known for songs like Mi Vida, and their latest album, Futura, they have truly worn their hearts on their sleeves and drawn us into their hearts with their music.  Recently, BAM spoke with lead singer and lyricist Francisco Familiar to get his perspective on the success DLD has had over the last few years.  Join us as we sit down with Francisco as he passes through San Francisco on DLD’s American tour, and take a look into his process of creating his music, and how he feels his Spanish lyrics transcend the language barrier with his fans in the United States.


How has your tour been so far?

Oh It’s been great!  We were so grateful from day one (to do this tour).  We did the Neon Desert Music Festival, and we did The Casbah in San Diego, and then the Roxie in LA, and now San Francisco before, sadly, we have to go back down to Mexico to do a gig in Tijuana.  Then we go back home and start the process of creating the new album.


What made you want to bring your music to America?

Well, it’s been a while since we came here.  We did a couple tour before, but it was under certain conditions that we had the opportunity to do that tour.  It (this current tour) has brought us to many places, and it’s been a year and a half now of touring.  We thought it (touring) was the right thing to do, and it was the right moment to do it, and it’s been great.  We needed this to realize we needed to do this every year.


How was your audience here in San Francisco?  How does the Bay Area compare to the rest of the places you have played?

I think our fan base stems from older fans.  I think the people here are drawn to the music and the evolution (of our music), but mainly the media right now and the way you download music, and the way you can now here music is really cool because you can catch up with music (from artists around the world) and I think that’s really an advantage for us.  It’s been super cool to play here.


How do you feel your music has been received in America?

I believe we see Great things here, and people were glad to be able to hear us live and now this tour has brought us to many places, so we’re playing a lot.  I think the band sounds really tight, and the music is solid, so people can really feel it.


They say the language of music is universal.  How do you feel your music transcends the language barrier?

English speaking people, they don’t understand the language very much, but they feel the message in it.  It’s great to play here because it’s a little like a paradox about the human spirit, and the power to overcome certain situations.  It’s kind of a universal thing, it’s so intimate it (the message) becomes public, and you can really relate to the songs.


As far as your message goes, If there was one song you would like your English speaking fans to translate the lyrics for, which one would it be?  Why?

Linquintro– (It’s a song about) a Gathering, a reunion.  It was originally originally composed for our former keyboard player who passed away after suffering from a heart attack, but we have come to realize that his message should be more popular.  You should be gathering with the people that you love.  You shouldn’t be waiting for time to pass.  This song has turned from grim to upbeat and positive.


How do you identify as an artist within the group?

I get to write the lyrics, and we always try and make something to our music and bring context and content to it.  I think it is the hardest part but the most exciting part.


What is some advice you would give to artists who look up to you?

Be yourself, and don’t get too attached to rules.  There is always a way (to achieve your goals).  Be true to yourself.  If someone had given me any advice, (I wish) It had been that.


What’s Next for DLD?

Well, we’re going to keep touring until the end of the year, and probably in September we’re back in the studio for a new album.


What is one question you are never asked that about something you wish you could talk about more?

Nobody has asked about the process of making Futura, our latest album, and how it was made.  It was made by the beach.  We improvised a home studio in a hotel suite.  It’s done with love, and it shows because for us it’s a record that we really enjoy playing, so we try and play it as often as we can, and it’s really been enlightening.  It’s been interesting to see how people have been reacting to it, and you get to a crossing point where you can see how people can relate when you’re making the right stuff.  It’s pretty special, and an interesting process.


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