david-gans-press-2013-400x600From photos of the Dead shot by Bay Area photographer Jay Blakesberg and by David himself, I selected some that were then handed to David for his response. Each photo inspired stories about the Dead that we captured here, with David speaking candidly and compassionately about the band as only he can.

David Gans is a musician, songwriter, journalist, and broadcaster. He hosts the weekly syndicated radio show The Grateful Dead Hour, heard on over 60 radio stations around the country (including KPFA in Berkeley, WFUV in New York City, and WXPN in Philadelphia). He started his journalism career in 1976 at BAM Magazine, where he was a writer and contributing editor for close to 10 years. “I got to interview a million people and do a lot of music tech stories,” said Gans. “At BAM I met some of my favorite people in the universe. Blair Jackson was my editor there, and we are still dear friends today and are actually neighbors.”

David Gans plays in an acoustic Dead (and more) jam band called Sycamore Slough String Band. He’s also touring extensively as a solo artist. Schedule is posted here.