Jason Newsted with the Chophouse Band

Walnut Creek, CA – July 15th at the RedHouse Studios was packed to the walls as the guests sat in on an intimate evening with The Chophouse Band.

The Chophouse band has been around since 1992, initiated by Hall of Fame artist and Grammy Award winning bassist Jason Newsted who founded The Chophouse Studio and Record Company.

Jason Newsted, well known for his contributions to a not so little band who happen to go by the name of Metallica, later went on to create The Chophouse Studio, which became a place for friends and peers to stretch out and create music… music of their own and collaborate amongst friends.

Decades later, The Chophouse Band has become a collective, a basic sharing of the love of music and simply the pure act of interaction of players.
The line up of members that make up The Chophouse Band run the gamut, artists of all genres and styles… every performance includes different musicians and surprise guests.., some of the noted members have been: Mike Hughes, Tom Jordan, Brian Kehoe, Chris Barnett, Guillermo Gonzales, David Lopez, Jesus Mendez, Angeline Saris, Chris Scianni, Mike Ramos, Brian Sagrafena, Rob Tucker and the list continues..