Jim James: The Fox Theater Oakland, CA

Jim James, the American Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, from Kentucky and best known as the primary songwriter from the band My Morning Jacket, brought his solo tour to Oakland’s Fox Theater.  James’ music is an intricate tapestry that blends folk, jazz, and electronica with a dash of spoken word.  What he creates is a beautiful soundscape and storyboard that captures the listener and carries them alongside James on his journey.

James walked onto the stage this night bathed in a single spotlight; accompanied only by his guitar.  The evening’s performance begun with Changing World, followed by The Day Is Coming, and continued throughout the night in what was one of the best shows I have ever seen.  James played nearly 20 songs and completed the night’s epic performance with an additional 5 song encore.

A highlight of the evening was James performing State of the Art.  In September Jim James released, UNIFORM CLARITY, said to be a companion piece to his acclaimed 2018 album, UNIFORM DISTORTION. The LP is comprised of acoustic renditions of the songs originally found on UNIFORM DISTORTION  hit the market this October.  With his vocals pitch perfect and full of emotion, this performance was one no one will soon forget.

Review and Photos by Jen Cash