John 5 and The Creatures

John 5 and The Creatures creep through San Francisco’s DNA Lounge for an intimate, fantastic and face melting night of music.

John 5, the well known virtuoso guitarist who’s been sought after and recruited by many of the world’s greatest musicians proved to those in attendance at SF’s DNA Lounge exactly why that he’s a presence to be reckoned with.  John 5 grew up in Michigan and moved to Los Angeles, CA at the innocent age of 18, hoping to find a career as a session musician. He has had a long lasting career alongside legendary artists, including K D Lang, David Lee Roth, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie and others. John Lowery had a chance lunch meeting with Marilyn Manson after almost missing an audition; John 5 was then born, the new name given to him at that time as he was brought into replace Mason’s then guitarist Zim Zum, and a name that is synonymous with a man of technical guitar skill, and a humble human visionary performer.

John 5 and The Creatures is the creation of John 5, with long-time friend Rodger Carter on drums and Ian Ross on bass, the threesome, are touring and promoting,  Season of the Witch, their brand new album which was released two weeks ago to rave review.  The band is currently on tour with John geared up to tour with Rob Zombie beginning in May of 2017.

 Setlist: Guitars, Tits, & Monsters | Flight of Vulcan Kelly | Six Hundred and Sixty Six Pickers in Hell | Here’s to the Crazy Ones | This is My Rifle | Jiffy Jam | Hell Haw I.G.R. | Season of The Witch | Portrait of Sydney Sloan | First Victim | Guitar Solo | The Black Grass Plague | Behind the Nut Love | Making Monsters | Beat It | Medley

Oakland’s dark sweethearts’ Suicide Queen were honored to be the main supporting role. Any hearing this project perform  previously know that the band left nothing to the imagination on this night.

Suicide Queen is the brainchild of frontman Kay Delores (Vox), along with members Michael Vile (Synth), Todd Buller (Guitar), Celeste St. Muerte  (Bass) and Mark Davis (Drums).  This Oakland based band has been outdoing themselves with each performance and creating a noticeable buzz; Suicide Queen reminds us that the Industrial movement is securely planted and thriving.  With a landslide of heavy guitars, pulsing bass with fluid electronic synths and Delores’ captivating voice reminiscent of the likes of Manson, able gets those deep sultry guttural tones that lick your eardrums  and next barrage you with a flurry of high aggressive screams.

Suicide Queen is currently performing and fine-tuning their upcoming EP Release set to launch soon.  Take a listen.. this is one of the ones to watch!  You can get a sneak peek here.. of a few current tunes: Angel, Swan and Cry out to Heaven…

Setlist: Empress |Asphyxia |Swan |Whorechestra |She Haunts You |Scarecrow |Witch

Photos/Review: Jen Cash

Line Editor: Leah Storkson

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