L.A. GUNS W/Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis: Cornerstone Berkeley, CA

L.A. Guns, featuring Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis made quite a stir in the music community among fans and peers alike, when they announced their reunion tour this year, and brought the 80’s back at full strength, during their tour stop at Berkeley’s Cornerstone earlier this month.  What was witnessed this night was a vast gathering of fans and friends who came out and experienced the power, longevity, and talent the band still maintains.

Taking the stage, the band dove headfirst into Devil Made Me Do It, followed by Electric Gypsy, and it seemed as though Guns and Lewis had never stopped performing together; they were back and we were alongside for the ride.  The sound and presence of L.A. Guns was just like it always has been that Los Angeles grit, soaring vocals and guitar solos that bring you into each and every note.  The band continued on to play favorites such as Sex Action, Kiss My Lover Goodbye, and Never Enough.

Current Members: Tracii Guns (Lead Guitar), Phil Lewis (Vocals), Adam Hamilton, Johnny Martin, Shane Fitzgibbon (Drums)



The Devil Made Me Do It
Electric Gypsy
No Mercy
Over the Edge
Kiss My Love Goodbye
I Wanna Be Your Man
Sex Action
The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain
One More Reason
Hellraisers Ball
Guitar Solo
Never Enough
The Ballad of Jayne
Rip and Tear

The Butlers opened the show and showed us what seasoned artists do for fun.  If you haven’t caught this Bay Area band, you need to get out to one of their shows.  The Butlers are a group of friends, made up of members of (Exodus, The Ruffians, Death Angel, and more)…

Review and Photos by Jen Cash