Marcy Playground with Static and Surrender: Cornerstone Berkeley, CA

The popular 90’s band known as Marcy Playground spent an evening at Berkeley’s Cornerstone this past week. The tour is in celebration of 20 years of them being in the music scene. Their debut, self-titled album was released in 1997, which went platinum and kept them on the top of the Billboard charts for 15 weeks, which at the time was never done before. This night brought out an immense crowd of longtime fans ready to hear the songs we all remember from this great alternative project.

John Wozniak (guitar/vocals) started the band in San Diego, CA in the late 1990’s and is said to have named the project after the school he attended and due to the fact that the songs written were primarily about his youth. He along with then bandmates: Jared Kotler (drums, backing vocals, guitar), Dan Rieser (drums, backing vocals), and later Gonzalo “Gonz” Martinez de la Cotera (drums, backing vocals), went on to release three additional studio albums over the following years, including Shapeshifter (1999), MP3 (2004) and Leaving Wonderland…in a fit of rage (2009).
Wozniak and the rest of the band put on a great performance and played many of their best-loved hits such as Poppies, Saint Joe on the School Bus and of course Sex and Candy.

Devil Woman
Rock and Roll Heroes
Pigeon Farm
Saint Joe on the School Bus
Rebel Sodville
Wave Motion Gun
Hotter Than the Sun
I Burned the Bed
Sherry Fraser
Everything I Loved
Deadly Handsome Man
Punk Rock
A Cloak of Elvenkind
Sex and Candy
Star Baby

All The Lights
Play Video
Good Times
Secret Squirrel


Main Support for the night was held up by locals Static and Surrender (Oakland CA). Comprised of Jeff Campbell (lead vocals, guitar), Adam Schuman (guitar, vocals), and John Schuman (drums), that happens to be a trifecta of talented friends and two brothers. The band’s members each have come from well-respected other projects through their many years in the scene, including: Pine and Battery, The Trophy Fire and Cold Hard Crash. Recently releasing their first, self-titled album, and then claiming a prominent place in the Bay Area’s music industry, they were quickly signed to Funzalo Records in early 2017.

Static and Surrender bring a sound, style and presence that is uniquely their own; from intelligent lyrical storytelling, beautifully carved vocals, melodic atmospheric guitars and powerful rhythms. This band is one we will be hearing and seeing a lot from and I imagine for some time to come.

Photos and Review: Jen Cash