Bahram Ahmady

Contributing Writer and Photographer

From the suburbs of the East Bay to the busy streets of San Francisco, Bahram Ahmady has been involved in the Bay Area music scene for nearly a decade, (almost half of his entire life). Discovering music as a creative outlet when younger, Bahram managed to lead his previous projects to mass ammounts of viral success. As the vocalist for bands Oh, The Irony, Sky High Adventure, and Fearing Farewell, he gained hands on experience in live and studio environments, as well as valuable skills in songwriting, marketing, and collaboration. His favorite memories of his musical journey thus far are playing in the San Francisco leg of Warped Tour in 2012, Co-Writing the song "Worship" with Sony/ATV artist Brandyn Brunette, and traveling to Bakersfield, CA to perform at the last Rockin Roots Festival with his best friends.

With over a million views and counting, Bahram hopes to one day make a career as a professional songwriter and public figure. He looks forward to contributing to this historic publication.