Curt Hennecke

Contributing Writer

Coming from a musical family in his hometown of Chicago, IL, and now based in the East Bay, Curt began playing trumpet at an early age. Curt also fell in love with radio as a youngster, and was schooled in classic rock radio of the ‘70's and ‘80's. However, it was as a teenager that punk rock and metal changed his life, and started a life long love for independent music of all styles and flavors. Curt also developed a passion for supporting the local, live music scene, which exists to this day, and wherever he happens to be living. An attorney by trade, Curt takes joy in approaching the study and investigation of rock n roll in a methodical way. Nonetheless, he is motivated to seek out new music and looks forward to the new and unknown. And of course, go to that next, killer show to have a good time, and rock out to some great bands!