Ministry: The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

Ministry, the coveted Industrial band that started in Chicago in 1981 and which was founded by Al Jourgensen, made a recent stop at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater.  Ministry played a huge role in the Industrial genre for more than 12 years and during that time they released 9 studio albums, including Twitch (1985–1986), The Land of Rape and Honey (1987–1988), The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste (1989–1990), Psalm 69 (1991–1993), Filth Pig (1994–1996), Dark Side of the Spoon (1998–2000), Hiatus and Animositisomina (2001–2003) and lastly Houses of the Molé and Rio Grande Blood (2004–2006). 

Ministry found mainstream success through the late 1980s, flowing into the early 1990s and became best known for three of their studio albums: The Land of Rape and Honey (1988), The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste (1989) and Psalm 69 (1992), taking them to gold and platinum status.  Growing up in the music and club scene during this time, Ministry was always a staple and was continuously on full rotation with the scene’s djs either on air or in the dance scene.The band went through a slew of notable band members over the years with Jourgensen remaining the band’s lead songwriter and producer.  27 years later, Ministry is still able to sell out the house and bring a dark fire to their set, keeping the fans engaged in only the way a legendary band such as this can. The Industrial scene of past would have not been the same without this band being who they are and giving so much of their raw power to their performances; Ministry shaped the scene, created a temperature and continue to leave a lasting legacy.



I Know Words

Twilight Zone

Victims of a Clown


We’re Tired of It



Game Over

(live debut)


The Land of Rape and Honey

(first live performance since February 1990)

The Missing



Just One Fix



So What


Review and photos: Jen Cash