Night Ranger Closes Out the Alameda County Fair


On Sunday July 9th, the Alameda County Fair came to an end, but not before local legends Night Ranger had a chance to say their peace.  The San Francisco band gave a high energy performance in a town across the bay from where it all began, and missed no opportunity to tell the crowd how grateful they were for the experience.  “We’re home, baby, we’re home!” lead singer and California native Jack Blades exclaimed as the band took the stage.  The band known so well for their iconic hit Sister Christian is synonymous with the 1980’s, and still performing with as much love for their art as ever before.  With an audience filled with fans both new and old, Night Ranger made it clear that their passion for music has not gone stagnant with time.

In a time where so many popular bands from the 90’s have made comebacks on a big scale with new albums and tours, it stands to reason that a similar trend could be seen with bands popular just a decade before.  Music has the power to take us back to a moment in time in ways nothing else can, and show others a world that they were not yet a part of.  It is not just entertainment, but an educational experience, and Night Ranger taught their audience what their era thought music was and should be.  This show took us back to not only one band, but a generation, and a movement.  They played all of their own hits as we knew they would, but also took a step back to bring us all to a movement that was bigger that themselves, and performed covers from Alice Cooper’s School’s Out to Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train with their own spin on them.

As Night Ranger’s set came to an end, Jack Blades left us with a message close to his heart, and called on the next generation of musicians to come forward and follow suit with bands like his.  In the simplest of ways, he said “We need another Jimmy Hendrix”, a comment I’m sure nobody will dispute.  Reminding the audience that this year is the 35th anniversary of when they released their first album, they remain committed to not just their own success, but the success of the whole music world.  In the December of their careers, they still retain their passion for music and while they know that they will always have their place in history, there will always be a future to inspire.  We can only hope that the next rock icons come to us soon, but one thing we can say for certain is that Night Ranger still knows how to rock out.

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