SOJA and Dirty Heads Stop By Somo

Special thanks to Justin Crom Photography for providing the photography coverage for this event.


July 11th, SOMO Concerts put on one of their best shows to date as Reggae sensations SOJA and Dirty Heads performed to an enthusiastic crowd.  Having seen both of these bands perform earlier this summer at Cali Roots down in Monterey, we went in with the bar set pretty high, and even with those high standards we were impressed with every aspect of this show.  From the bands, to the venue, SOMO Concerts put on an unforgettable concert that is surely an indication of what is to come for their future productions.

Now, for anyone who hasn’t heard of SOMO Concerts, this is a venue that needs to be on everyone’s radar.  The fairly new venue located in the south end of Sonoma has a peculiar charm to it.  An outdoor venue with a modern twist, this venue is located in the courtyard of an office building complex, and the ambiance created is unique and all of its own.  The setting makes for incredible acoustics, and an aesthetically stimulating environment.  Although they are relatively new, SOMO has brought in some top tier acts in their recent history, and has plans to show us many more.  Ziggy Marley, UB40, and The Goo Goo Dolls are only a few of the names to have performed through SOMO so far.  For anyone interested in checking out any of the upcoming shows SOMO is putting on, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

The headliners took stage after colorful introductory sets from RDGLDGRN and The Green, and gave what to us was almost a reunion tour from their Cali Roots set from last May.  Up first was SOJA.

Interestingly enough, they launched into their hit song I Don’t Wanna Wait earlier than we expected them to, giving the audience a slower version of the song than the one we had all expected to hear, but often the best part of live music is getting the opportunity to hear these newer adaptations and reimaginations of their music.  One of the greatest Reggae bands of this generation, SOJA never fails to impress.  Calling on the crowd, lead singer Jacob Hemphill was interactive with the audience as always, sharing with the audience that he enjoyed that he saw more lighters illuminating the arena than cell phones.  SOJA set the tone of the night well, and lifted the energy before Dirty Heads took the stage.

Next up, Dirty Heads came up to climactically finish off the night.  Dirty Heads are a fusion of so many kinds of music, but have found a home playing to the Reggae community.  Their set was a roller coaster of sound, playing music from every side of the spectrum.  Dirty Heads likes to push the boundaries of how a band can be identified through their music.  Their eclectic sound can range from a more upbeat and pop sort of anthem, like in their song My Sweet Summer, or they can give us a smoother and more lyrically driven song such as you see in their song Sloth’s Revenge.  Dirty Heads’ set was capped off with their traditional light show, and as they took their bows to a symphony of fog and strobe lights, another night was well caped off for SOMO’s summer program.


To check out what else SOMO Concerts has planned in the upcoming months, take a look and click on the links below.

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August 19th: Charlie Musselwhite, Doyle Bramhall, and more

August 24th-27th: Flynn Creek Circus

September 15th: Tribal Seeds, Pepper, and more

September 23rd: Los Lobos, The California Honeydrops, Tift Merritt, and more

October 21st: Funkendänk Oktoberfest with The Motet


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