The World According to Dale Bozzio

Missing Persons

Nov. 9, 2014

Rockbar, San Jose

You might remember Missing Persons, the new wave hitmakers of the ’80s? If not, then you certainly would remember Dale Bozzio. Lead singer of the band, she was best known for her eclectic, revealing outfits, including transparent plastic-cupped bras and her grand coifure, studded with fuchsia and cobalt blue. Dale and her then husband/drummer Terry met via Frank Zappa, fell in love, and then catapulted Missing Persons into the average American home via MTV. I like to think of Missing Persons as Frank Zappa’s illegitimate new wave baby. (Dale and Terry have split since then, and Terry recently played the Bay Area; see BAM’s coverage of the show here.)

With the unfortunate circumstance of a “soft” opening for San Jose’s newest rocker destination, Rockbar, Missing Persons played to a light crowd on Friday night, but the true hard-core fans were there, as was 107.7 The Bone and BAM.

As they hit the stage, a stripped down and mature version of Dale and Missing Persons started off with “Mental Hopscotch,” my personal favorite of theirs. After a few songs, Dale warmed up to the crowd and gave us advice about never being afraid of anything: disease, mosquitoes, or the price of gas, in no particular order. “Words,” an MTV favorite, really got the intimate crowd going. Fan Kelly Cicarios said, “I love her voice. As soon as she sang, it just brought me back!” Dale, obviously a deep thinker, shared more of her observations: on not getting stuck, on why we should give the homeless money, and on Prince, in no particular order. On a musical note, Dale sounded spot on, including her signature squeak. The band was tight and seemed elated to be there.

They concluded the evening with “Destination Unknown” and “Walking in L.A.,” and Dale, now warm and cuddly, invited everyone to the lounge for hugs, kisses, and autographs.

Sidenote: Rockers, rejoice! Rockbar is an exciting new destination, full of candlelight, red velvety walls, and wingback chairs. For one brief second, I thought I was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, sans the gambling… and without the alcohol. But never fear, they should cinch their liquor license soon, and they’ve got some amazing shows lined up. Check out their upcoming schedule here.