BAM’s Kat Stevenson visited TESLA in the studio during the recording of their new album ‘SIMPLICITY”. She had sat down with vocalist Jeff Keith during a quick break:

BAM: Your voice sounds like it’s still in stellar shape.

JEFF KEITH: Well thanks, those are scratch vocals,very scratchy vocals.

BAM: You’ve always been one of my favorite singers actually, you have a great tone.

JK: Well thank you, I appreciate that.

BAM: Do you have a favorite song on the album yet?

JK: ahh, there’s alot of different feels, it really depends on what kinda feel you’re talking about but MP3, Ricochet, couple of the tunes you heard. I mean once again titles of songs, I call it “Let it Flow“, some people might call it “Life Is A River” it may turn out to be something else. So as far as titles go its kinda hard to give you the title of a track I don’t even know what number it is on the record (laughs). IF it even makes the record but ya, I have quite a few little favorites.

BAM: Frank was saying too that you guys took a break before recording and you went back to Virginia and when you came back everything kinda came together. How do you think that happened for you?

JK: Well, I think to go to Virginia helped us to get away from all the distraction that home can have, nothing against home. Home sweet home it’s the best, but we went out to Tom Zutaut’s place out there in Virgina it was great to get away and like i said just no distractions and everybody’s energy just went into writing songs and we think it turned out great.

BAM: Do you like going out on the road?

JK: Once I get out there I love it. you know, it always hard to leave home but once you get on that bus the wheels start rolling you get into the flow of things. A lot of times I’ll be honest with you i don’t know where we’re going and I have people, relatives, friends, whatever saying “I’ll see you next month in so and so“, and I’m like cool I’ll be there ’cause my feelings are you know as long as them guys hand me that microphone and that button’s on I’m giving it my best no matter where i go. No offense to anybody anywhere, so you know ya I enjoy performing.

BAM: Great! Thank you again.