10 Things to Know About ID10T Fest 2017

If the San Francisco Bay Area is known for anything, it’s self expression and doing what makes you happy.  With this considered, it is no surprise that the Bay has been a proud advocate of Nerd Culture.  In recent years, nerds have gotten cooler, that’s just a fact.  Thankfully, this year ID10T Fest is opening their doors and giving us a weekend long Music/Comedy/Comic/Everything else you could want extravaganza in the heart of the Silicon Valley hosted by Internet and TV legend and self proclaimed Nerd, Chris Hardwick.  ID10T Fest has something for everyone, and boasts quite an impressive lineup for their inaugural year, so let’s just jump right in and take a look at the top 10 reasons why we’re looking forward to ID10T Fest this summer!



To put is simply, Weezer’s lead singer and founding member Rivers Cuomo is a king.  I can think of no band more qualified to headline a festival of this nature than them.  Having built up their own image as champions for those who feel too nerdy to be cool, and even taking the band’s name from an old childhood nickname Cuomo was given as a child because of his asthma, they continue to show that even people with a degree from Harvard (From where Cuomo graduated in 2006) can still rock out.




This band alone is worth dropping everything and going to ID10T Fest for the weekend, but let’s take a look at some of the other things you can expect to see at Shoreline this June.


2.Dan Mintz

Dan Mintz was announced to perform at ID10T Fest after tickets originally went on sale, so you might have not noticed him on the bulletin, but he’ll be there.  Don’t miss your chance to see the voice of Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers live at ID10T Fest this year.


3. The Mowgli’s

In 2012, The Mowgli’s worked with the San Francisco Giants to create a highlight reel set to the tune of their hit song “San Francisco” in time for the 2012 World Series.  I’d say it worked.  Well, they’re playing at ID10T Fest, so why not stop by and thank them for the part they played in the Giants’ Dynasty?



4. Greek Things With Demetri Martin

We all know Comedic headliner Demetri Martin is funny, but did you know that he is also Greek?  Martin comes from a Greek background, and his advocacy for his heritage stretches beyond “Demetrocles”, his short lived character on Important Things with Dimitri Martin.  A strong advocate for his culture, he was even honored back in 2015 by the Bay Area Hellenic group the “Elios Society” for his contributions to the Greek-American community.


5. Cosplay / Dance Tent

Anyone who has ever been to any sort of comic, video game, or other convention of the sorts knows how seriously some people take their cosplay.  ID10T Fest promises to be no different.  The Mad Decent Dance Tent is set to host the EDM side of the festival, and will feature big name artists such as Madeon and Zeds Dead.  These headliners are sure to keep the energy in this tent up throughout the night.


6. Comic Panels

With so many dimensions to ID10T Fest, why wouldn’t they also have a mini Comic-Con?  While Cosplay has already been encouraged, they have also set the bar with some of the Comic Book powerhouses they have brought in on their panels.  ID10T has invited the masterminds behind countless comics including Deadpool, Batgirl, Green Arrow, and many more.  Be sure to check this out with panels on both days of the event.


7. Dan Harmon

Dan Harmon will be speaking on one of the panels at ID10T, and I just want to take a minute to appeal to any cartoon fans amongst our readers.  For fans of the Adult Swim phenomenon Rick and Morty, this is an opportunity we cannot afford to pass up.  Whether or not Harmon lets anything slip about Season three of Rick and Morty, I cannot say, but the chance to take a glimpse into the inner machinations of this man’s mind does not come every day, and at the very least is worth the price of admission.



8. Girl Talk

We all know Sunday’s headliner Gregg Gillis, better known by his stage name, Girl Talk, is smart enough to get his musical career to the point it is now, but did you know that he also planned to go into science if his music plans didn’t work out?  Gillis studied Biochemical Engineering in college with a focus in Tissue Engineering, and for a time held a job in medical research.  I guess both night’s headliners have a passion for higher education.


9. Daft… Panda?

We’ve all heard Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories at some point, if not, check it out, I’ll wait.  Now that we’re all familiar with the album, we can move on.  With singles on the album such as Get Lucky, it is no surprise that the album went platinum in 2014, but would you believe Animal Collective, set to perform Sunday at ID10T Fest, had a part in this album’s inception?  Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox, better known by his stage name Panda Bear, was featured on the single Doin’ it Right from the same album.  I’m sure we’re all curious to see what he learned from the masters themselves.



10. Chris Hardwick

How could I finish this list without talking about the man who thought of all of this?  Chris Hardwick’s commitment to nerd culture continues to astound and impress us all, and his fans know this all too well.  ID10T Fest is Hardwick’s Brainchild, and we have him to thank for putting this festival together.  He will be recording live audio for his podcast, Nerdist, and promises to be an instrumental part of the weekend both on and off the stage.





If you don’t already have them, tickets are still available for ID10T Fest this June 24th and 25th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.  Be sure to get your tickets now by Clicking Here to see what all the commotion is about.