8 Bay Area Musical Stocking Stuffer Recommendations from your Rockin’ Crustacean

(Lobsters are not kosher, btw.) And besides, we already have enough Top 10 lists.

  1. CD/DVD of The Bridge School Concerts-25th Anniversary Edition
  2. DVD of the Wavy Gravy movie, Saint Misbehavin’ (he’s a local hero)
  3. Support a Bay Area food bank; make a donation to one near you
  4. Donate old clothes, especially warm coats, to respected organizations
  5. Buy a gift for someone who wouldn’t expect it (what goes around…)
  6. Smile and be courteous, even to someone who isn’t doing either
  7. Treat yourself well. Get yourself something nice, too.
  8. Respect the rights of others to their own opinions: religious, political, etc.


Paul “Lobster” Wells
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