A Guaranteed Good Time

For the past eight years (and counting), KFOG has been putting together the Local Scene CD, a compilation of music from bands who call the Bay Area home. Over the years, I have had my hand in the production of the CD. I do it because, first of all, I live for original music. But also, the project helps to bring money and attention to Music in Schools Today, which is a great organization. I mean, we can’t have original music if the kids aren’t learning to play!

My job as producer of the project is to find quality music, which is not too hard to do in San Francisco. However, my job is made oh so much sweeter when the great music I find is made by some really cool people. Heather Combs, Elliot Randall, and Lia Rose are three such people. They each have their own style of music rooted in Americana, and they each have appeared on the KFOG Local Scene CD at various points in time. Imagine my delight to learn that all three of them are performing together this weekend!

This Saturday, Nov. 19, there will be a very special, intimate show at The Connecticut Yankee in San Francisco.

Lia Rose (from Or, The Whale and Built For The Sea) will open the show at 10pm sharp. Heather Combs and Elliot Randall will follow her, doing an acoustic set of songs from their side project, The Ponies. The night closes out with a set from Elliot Randall & The Deadmen.

You can find advanced tickets on Elliot Randall’s website. (If tickets are purchased by Friday at 5pm, they are only $7 each, with no service fees.)

Day of show ticket price is $10.

Here is a link to the event on Facebook.

I’ll see you out there… hanging from the rafters.

Renee Richardson