A Night Playing In Support Of A Wonderful Union!

The Low Down Band is a Top 40 cover band, playing latin, latin rock, latin pop, R&B, funk, and soul, with classics from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, up to the present. What a fun crew of very talented musicians, with Sal Ramos Jr. heading up the group on vocals and bass guitar, and Christina Quesada sharing the front of the stage as co-lead vocalist. The two of them really know how to work a crowd. The Low Down Band is wonderfully entertaining on so many levels. If you hear that they are playing, I suggest you go check them out, and get your groove on out on the dance floor!

And this makes a nice lead-in to my topic this week: showmanship. So what are the signs of true showmanship? Well, for me, it’s usually when you hear and see that connection from artist to audience, where you see the front person or persons consistently communicating with everyone in the audience. They are usually very engaging and very visual, animated in a way that pulls in the audience members, getting them to become so comfortable that they can’t help but have fun and enjoy the show. You know what I mean, right? In a band with showmanship, the performers take their solos and even bring the solos right into the audience, making sure there is consistent eye-contact. They pull energy from the other band members and share that with the fans, making the fans a very important ingredient is creating this entertainment experience. At some point in a well thought-out show, there is usually a time where the individual musicians are showcased, maybe in a particular song where everyone has a turn at the spotlight and a chance for a solo. For me, that is always very entertaining to see and hear. It creates a personal connection between the audience and each individual band member. Of course, I have also seen many shows that are less planned out, where it is more about vibe and just rolling with whatever happens. That can be just as much fun, as long as the band maintains the connection with the audience.

Stay true to your self and in sharing your sincerity to supporting the venue. We should all remember to never forget, that without the venue, we have no place to share our true passion…our music!

Stay tuned, as there will be more to come. Peace.