Alex Vincent Opens SACTOWN ROCKS

BAM:  How did you find out you had won the contest?

Alec Vincent:  Andy Hawk announced the winner on his Local Licks on 98 Rock radio show this past tuesday, and shortly thereafter I realized I had an e-mail from the website that confirmed I had won the contest. As well as a few posts on the 98 Rock Facebook page.

BAM:  Did you enter yourself or did someone suggest you should?

Alec Vincent:  I heard about the contest from a handful of people before I actually saw anything official about it. It was mostly musicians from the local Sacramento scene who clued me in on it, and suggested that I enter. As soon as I saw that the official application email was “” I knew I had to submit!

BAM:  Are you singing or playing guitar? or both? with AV Band or solo?

Alec Vincent: I am playing guitar, and just by myself. It would be awesome to sing the song, or have the other guys from Alex Vincent Band come on stage with me, but unfortunately I didn’t write the rules for the contest. That being said, I’m more than stoked to be able to share the stage with the great acts performing that night, in any fashion possible.

BAM:  Have you ever performed the Anthem before?

Alec Vincent: I’ve only performed the Anthem once in a serious fashion before, at an impromptu a cappella performance at Concert in the Park, in Cesar Chavez park in Sacramento. Another local musician by the name of Laith Kaos invited Carly DuHain, Lindsey Pavao, Mike from Element of Soul, Denver from Denver J Band, Melissa McGregor from Once An Empire, and myself to all come on stage and sing the song together before the final performance for that night. However, I’ve never performed the song on guitar live before. I’m stoked to have the opportunity!

BAM:  Do you look to any previous performers, like Whitney houston, or jimi hendrix on how to approach the song?

Alec Vincent: Haha, I’ve definitely been studying up. I’ve been focusing mostly on a video of Jimi Hendrix performing it at Woodstock, and the recorded version he has. Also I’ve been watching a few videos I’ve found of Frank Hannon of Tesla performing it live on guitar. There are so many styles to try and take from though, and so many variations.. Hopefully I can hold my own when the time comes!

BAM:  Would you ever do it a Capella like your friend Frank Hannon did?

Alec Vincent: I would absolutely do it a cappella, or in any fashion for that matter in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I don’t have people lined up around the block with cool offers like Frank does, that man sure knows how to make friends! But yes, if the opportunity were presented I’d be 100% on board.

BAM:  Where can we see your band next and how do we get your new album “When the Time Comes’?

Alec Vincent: We have a handful of things in our near future, including a show at Back 9 Bar & Grill in Roseville on Friday, June 27th; we headline with Once An Empire opening, also very excited about an acoustic performance I’ll be doing on July 5th at the same place to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite local musicians Paul Rocker; we’ll also be hitting the Tacklebox in Chico and Brew Bros in Reno in August, as well as a Powerhouse show in Folsom to support Paul Rockers new album (which I contributed a solo on!)

You can find the album at all of your favorite internet music retailers, iTunes, Amazon, etc. Also we have a limited amount of hard copies left that we sell at our shows! If anyone has a desire to come and personally get a hard copy from myself, we list all of our shows and appearances on our Facebook page at Alex Vincent Band. #supportlocalmusic