Another Death Angel Christmas

This was the 2nd annual “Another Death Angel Christmas” show! This year the bay area was treated to TWO shows back to back. Our local thrash icon PACKED THE HOUSE with friends, family and fans. Just recently coming back from recording a new album in Florida with producer Jason Suecof, they didn’t even have time to relax before hitting the stage at Slim’s in San Francisco. Death Angel, in my opinion, has some of the hardest working, dedicated, loyal, skilled to the core, heavy hitting musicians in the industry! After Friday nights show I left thinking…”there is NO WAY Saturday can be better,”….BUT as always they proved me wrong! Between the guitar shredding, foot stomping, always smiling antics of founder Rob (Magneto) Cavestany to the story telling, metal screaming, high jumping, crowd pleasing vocals of  Mark (the Adele of heavy metal) Osegueda   this band is one of the most underrated thrash metal bands on the planet! Lets not forget the rhythm section, Ted (Tedro) Aguilar, who brought out a new prototype ESP signature guitar (TED 600) which will be officially released at the upcoming NAMM convention in January, Will (Beastman) Carroll, and Damien (Denim Justice) Sisson that keep us moving!

Death Angel 1

While not indulging in any spoilers of the new album (not yet titled), with a release date set for spring 2016, the band switched their setlist up quite a bit from the last tour, (The Tour Calls for Blood). Playing only 4 songs from the last release, they dug into the archives with songs I haven’t heard in quite some time. Veil of Deception and Kill as One to name a couple favorites. This time around they were better than any time I’ve ever heard them performe before, and that says a lot!

To keep in the Christmas spirit and the making of these shows special, the band played tunes this year from a band that inspired them to follow their dream, Kiss. Friday night we were treated to “Love Gun”, which had the whole crowd singing along. Saturday night we heard the song “She”… which I know I was screaming along to..ha! and then….The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Mark and Rob, in the festive spirit, came out with Santa hats on, and the band theatrically preformed the song “The Grinch”.

And the night was not over yet!!

Both nights we were treated to a cover tune “Run for you life” by the Beatles, who inspired the annual Christmas shows,   and then they brought it home, with a song worthy of the pit, and worthy of letting all your aggression out to. With  different songs both nights, that make you want to do what you do at a metal show, RELEASE YOUR ENERGY! The band closed each show leaving everyone with smiles on their faces and wondering when the next DA show will happen, to do it all over again.

Crystal Kentzell has a chat with Rob Cavestany:




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