Bay Area Musician Laura Sullivan Opens Up About Her Grammy® Win

SAN FRANCISCO – Local New Age Billboard Top Ten recording artist Laura Sullivan recently wrote about her experience in winning a Grammy® at the 54th Annual Awards for her fantastic 2014 album “Love’s River.”  She gives readers and insight into how life changing and humbling such a win can be.

loves_“After the exciting flurry that comes with a being a Grammy nominee – the press, the limos, the Grammy dress shopping – it was hard to imagine life going back to how it used to be. I had started to believe the award would come with elves that would forever more do all those everyday chores for me… hmm.

Still waiting for those elves to appear. ” she writes.

81EfJyxh4VL._SX425_Laura is currently promoting her latest album “Modern Romantic: New Relaxing Classical Piano Music” featuring recordings of all new MODERN CLASSICAL MUSIC is made up of BEAUTIFUL PIANO MUSIC played and composed by Laura Sullivan also includes Cello (by Wojtek Slawinski) and Violin (by Gabriele Schiavi) along with other soothing INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC.

“It’s a piano album, like “Love’s River, the one that won the big award in 2014. Similar to that album though, but even in a larger way, I’ve poured my soul into it. I’ve lived a little longer, loved a lot more, perhaps learned a little more, and am here before you with my heart dripping off my sleeve. Maybe you will hear that in the music.”

Read Laura’s complete article here on her website.