Bone Bash 2011

This year’s event was at Concord Sleep Train Pavilion and featured Thin Lizzy, Black Label Society, and Judas Priest. Since it was The Bone Bash, fans knew there would be even more than these three major bands. There were also many booths, all the station jocks, and live radio broadcasts. And on the second band stage, we had The Butlers, a band of well-known local musicians playing hard-edged classic rock. When I heard them play Peter Green’s (Fleetwood Mac’s) “Oh Well,” I knew these guys were on the same page as me. We also had the insanity of deejays Lamont and Tonelli and Brett Eastwood’s California Dreamgirls bikini contest, with the crowd hooting, hollering and whistling to pick the winner. Deejays Baby Huey and Sully added to the merriment.

Then the crowd wandered down to the main stage for opening act Thin Lizzy. When Thin Lizzy is the opening act, you know the show is going to be top-notch. These Irish boys blasted away their hit “Jailbreak” and hit the top with “The Boys are Back in Town.”

Then Black Label Society came on with Zakk Wylde wearing a full Native American headdress, playing this incredibly cool Gibson guitar. They started on 11 and stayed on 11, shooting out a full set of white noise. By the number of people wearing BLS vests, t-shirts, and jackets, it seemed like they were the headliners.

But when Judas Priest took the stage, you knew they were the headliners, and why. Vocalist Rob Halford, in his full-length leather coat and flames shooting behind him, immediately set the tone. This is their farewell tour (scheduled to end sometime in 2012) and they played with total ferocity. Their songs are too many too mention, but “Painkiller” and “Diamonds and Rust” stick out for me. Unfortunately whenever I hear their hit “Breakin the Law”, I can’t help but think of Beavis and Butthead. Sad, yet kinda funny. Music videos create your memories for you.

Anyhow, The Bone sure knows how to throw a party.


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