Bryan Adams Gets Everyone Up in Concord!

Bryan Adams brings his  “Get Up”  Tour to Concord CA and has everyone on their feet.

With a career spanning almost four decades, Brian Adams,the beloved Canadian rocker is still the voice of “Americana rock” luring us in stronger than ever.  Adams performed a wide variety of his biggest hits from his multi-decade repertoire, beginning with a vibrant performance of “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started,” which left us engrossed in his 1991 album, “Waking Up the Neighbors.”  The crowd went wild as they heard “She says a love for me could never die,” and the unmistakable chords of the fan anthem, “Run To You” which had fans dancing in their seats.  


Bryan Adams 7.7.16 HiRes Calibree-10 800The night continued on with many favorites taking the crowd to flashbacks of first loves, prom photos and the first wedding dance song. As only he can do, Adams storytelling style and stellar songs have become cherished pieces in our lives.  A highlight of the night was,  “Heaven” with the house lights down low, a singular spot light beaming behind Adams and his acoustic guitar; and the band silhouetted with a backdrop of time-lapse starlight was utter perfection.

Bryan Adams 7.7.16 HiRes Calibree-4 800Bryan took some time to talk to the crowd prior to performing a beautiful version of “I’ll Always Be Right There,’’ as he went on to share that “this song was written for a movie but not used in the film and you can find this one though on “18 Til I Die” released in 1996, and I recommend you do.”  This song in particular is another one that brings people to their deepest depths and reminds us that love and connection is the root, the base and center that we all require. With the crowd taking over many of the verses, I watched everyone leaning closer to embrace and share the sentiment of the lyrics.

Bryan Adams 7.7.16 HiRes Calibree-3 800The tour supports Adams thirteenth studio album “Get Up” and much of his newest material was sprinkled seamlessly through the show including, “We Did It All” “You Belong To Me” and “Brand New Day”; in true Adams fashion these new songs had every bit his signature sound.

Encores included “Brand New Day” Straight From The Heart” and “All For Love”; Adams had no opening band this night, and performed virtually non-stop for over two hours,  alongside original members Keith Scott  (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Mickey Curry  (drums).  Hats off to you Bryan, still rocking with no end in sight.



Do What Ya Gotta Do

Can’t Stop This Thing We Started

Don’t Even Try

Run to You

Go Down Rockin’


Kids Wanna Rock

It’s Only Love

Play Video

This Time

You Belong to Me

Summer of ’69

When You’re Gone

(Everything I Do) I Do It for You

If Ya Wanna Be Bad Ya Gotta Be Good

Back to You

We Did It All

Play Video


I’ll Always Be Right There

Please Forgive Me

Cuts Like a Knife

18 til I Die

The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You




Brand New Day

C’mon Everybody

(Eddie Cochran cover)

All Shook Up

(Elvis Presley cover)

She Knows Me

Straight From the Heart

All for Love

(Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting cover)