Disappearing In Airports 2016 Tour

By: Walter Morgan

Photos By: Jenny Cash

At Slims Nightclub, san Francisco

Kevin Martin – Vocals
Dave Krusen – Drums
Mike Leslie – Lead/Rhythm guitar
Brian Quinn – Lead/Rhythm guitar
Adam Kury – Bass
When you think of the band Candlebox, many can remember how they burst on the music scene, in the Seattle based Alternative Grunge period. Formed in 1991, and putting out their self titled debut in 1993, that rocketed them to 4 Times Platinum success, many songs off that album, have become their biggest hits. They released two more solid albums, “Lucy” in 1995, which reached Gold status, and “Happy Pills” In 1998. In 2000 they took a 6 year break, and then put out “Into The Sun” in 2008. Followed by 2012’s “Love Stories & Other Musing”, which brings us to the present, “Disappearing In Airports” has a release date of 4/22/16.

It’s Record Store Day In San Francisco, and what a special day this is, Candlebox is here, on tour in support of their new album “Disappearing In Airports”, playing this night at Slim’s Nightclub. It’s almost full, but not uncomfortably packed, which can be a good thing. Candlebox hits the stage, and go back to their multi hit self titled album, playing 3 songs off it in a row. “Don’t You”, “Change”, and “Blossom”. And the older crowd really likes a heavy dose of the proven platinum formula.

Candlebox is a really great Hard Rock Band, which has elements of Blues, and Jazz at times, with some harder edged Grunge, and even some Glam Metal, mixed through its sound. I think Kevin Martin, is an excellent singer, very versatile, and unique singing style. He can have a soft touch, and has an emotional connection to his songs, which you can really see on stage. He can also, go to the other extreme and scream, at you, but his strength is that he carries a song with a lot of melody and emotion in it. He is definitely the focal point. He moves with his music, and dances a little, playing off each songs changing mood. During the second song, “Changes” he has the audience sing back the Chorus, and everyone there knows this classic. I’d say that Candlebox is smaller in 2016, but not forgotten, and has some really great fans. I think they would rather see them in these club setting, which is much more intimate. After the song Kevin tells the crowd its been a long time since they played here in SF, he dedicates the next “Blossom” to the “Ladies” and comments that “Foxy ladies are the best thing about a Candlebox show”. And I have to agree, the audience is about 50/50 male and female. They then play “Vexatious” off their new album due out next week. It’s very straight rocking number, and catchy like most of what this band puts out, to me thats what I really think makes Candlebox successful. Next was a short part of the Ramones song “I Wanna Be Sedated”, which was a good choice by the interaction of the crowd singing it back to the band. Kevin Martin, now mentions that they did something special on Record Store Day, by playing one of the biggest Music Stores in the Bay Area Amoeba Music On Haight Street, here in the city. He said they were also able to buy the new album for themselves, “Don’t ask me how? But they were selling it.” He promised to come back in the fall to play more of “Disappearing In Airports” in the fall. They then played two songs back to back off their last album, “Love Stories & Other Musings”, which were “Sweet Summertime” and “She Come Over Me”. The main guitar player Mike Leslie, has a really well rounded style, he can play soft notes that build slowly, and combine that with hard strong sharp cords, that he can hold onto. I can tell that he is a very good fit for the present day CB. And the drummer, Dave Krusen is very solid as well, he played on Pearl Jam’s biggest album, “Ten”. They next played another new song, “Supernova” which was very commercial sounding and again catchy. And later in the set they would also play the third new song “Crazy”, which I thought of the three, was the strongest. By the sound of these three new songs, I have to say that Candlebox, remains a very strong band, looking forward to the new album. I can also say that in todays world, Kevin Martin has a political message, he dedicated a song “to all the F**king Asshole Politicians, who we are voting for”, “Some people say a rock band shouldn’t get political”, “It’s about agreeing and disagreeing” , It’s up to you to take this country back”. And he has a funny side on stage also, the last song before their encores was “You”, a song he says he wrote about a fired tour manager, who sometimes in the early years, that they did’t make any money that night. And then he’d take our money and buy drugs with it.
The encore was another huge hit “Far Behind”, and the closing song “hunger Strike” from Temple of the Dog. Which coincidentally was released exactly 25 years years to the day. He dedicated this song to all his friends and musicians who have lost their battle and lives to drugs. Especially a singer he meet when he was 16 in Seattle, a mentor to him, Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. And I think for a now 47 year old singer, that was another good message, drugs are not cool anymore, in fact they take people from us, and we all can relate to that. In closing I’d like to say, that Candlebox, still have what made them successful, I haven’t seen them since they were playing stadiums with Metallica in 1994, but I still like their music and this live show I just saw. If you get the chance to see them, please do.They played seven songs off their best selling first album, which everyone loves. And if you like their past albums, then this new one is sure to be quality Candlebox, “Disappearing In Airports” out next week.
Don’t You-From Candlebox
Change-From Candlebox
Blossom-From Candlebox
Vexatious-From Disappearing In Airports
Sweet Summertime
She Come Over Me
Supernova-From Disappearing In Airports
Breathe Me In-From Into The Sun
Arrow-From Candlebox
Stand-From Into The Sun
Crazy-From Disappearing In Airports
Cover Me–From Candlebox
You-From Candlebox
Far Behind-From Candlebox
Hunger Strike-From Temple of the Dog