Check Out The Fashion Slaves

The Fashion Slaves fit that to a “T.”

Legendary Beserkley Records founder Matthew King Kaufman and Grammy-winning producer/engineer Michael Rosen recently teamed up to record a live CD titled Check Out The Fashion Slaves, on Fun Fun Fun Recordings.

Last week Matthew (see him on the BAM blog page, probably right next to me) brought the band into my studio for their first photo shoot.

What a photographic treat this shoot was! They had a way cool vibe. Emily Jayne and Eric Din are old friends and photo subjects from Bay Area ska band The Uptones, and together they formed The Fashion Slaves.

“We got together to play music, dress up, and have fun,” according to Emily and Eric. “We had some songs that weren’t ska, and we wanted to perform them live.” So the two recruited Eric Knight, former bass player for Engine 88; and Pete D’Amato, drummer with The Agent Deadlies. The Fashion Slaves were created in 2011.

“After playing solo for most of my career, it’s truly been amazing working with such great musicians,” says Emily. “This new combo gives more juice to my original material, and frees me up to perform more on stage.”

I heard only one song, “Styrofoam,” but that song jumped with a catchy guitar lick, infectious singing, and totally wacky words. You can hear it on their website

As a photographer, I live for the images I capture. Emily Jayne had it going! My camera loved her. I think these guys could go somewhere. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the upcoming CD!


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