Combichrist: US Tour Fall 2016 at Social Hall SF

Combichrist, ended off their US Fall Tour at San Francisco’s Social Hall  with an energetic show that was a flood of lights, heavy guitars and beats which kept the crowd dancing throughout the night.  This latest tour is in support of their  new album titled, “This Is Where Death Begins” which released on June 3rd 2016; a three-CD and DVD version includes audio and video from the Summer Breeze Festival in 2015, making this the band’s first official live release.



The band known as Combichrist, which was formed in 2003 by Andy LaPlegua, who also founded the band’s Icon of Coil, Panzer AG, Scandinavian Cock and Scandy, currently playing live with Nick Rossi (ex-New Year’s Day) joining the live line-up as a second drummer/percussionist, Joe LentzEric 13, Oumi Kapila (Filter) and Brent Ashley (Bass).   Combichrist is not only one fantasitc band, but also comprised of talented, down-to-earth musicians who made a point to hang out after the show for selfies and convo with many of the delighted fans.






Can’t control

Exit eternity

Throat full of glass

Never surrender

No redemption

Zombie fistfight

Get your body beat

Blut Royale

Time again

Fuck that shit

We are the plague

My life my rules

Main support for the show was by Oakland’s own, Suicide Queen.  Suicide Queen was formed in late 2014 in Oakland CA and quickly established themselves as important figures of the San Francisco Bay Area industrial music scene.  SQ’s lineup now includes founding members Kay Dolores (vocals, programming), and Michael Vile (synthesis), Todd Buller (guitars) Celeste St. Muerte (bass), and Mark Davis (drums).  Plans are in the works to release their first Suicide Queen EP in late 2016…Stay tuned…

Suicide Queen



Photos/Review: Jen Cash/Calibree Photography

Line Edits: Leah Storkson