Death Cab For Cutie drives it home at BottleRock

BottleRock 2016

Death Cab For Cutie

By: Walter Morgan

Death Cab For Cutie was playing on the major stage at Bottlerock, right before the headliner Saturday night. This Seattle alternative rock band really stole the show this day. This really is a band that every age group here could identify with.

They had a little of everything, soft pop, with lots of melody, and some spacey instrumental work. Vocalist Ben Gibbered has a very low key demeanor; he also plays guitar, and piano, and is the main song writer. He whispers lyrics, and sings without a lot of emotion, but it’s easygoing elements of rock is what keeps the crowd attentive.

Previously, my thoughts were that they were musically more U2 meets Flock of Seagulls, but the band is a more modern alternative rock, and hailing from Seattle, is really a different formula than “The Grunge Period”.  Some label it “Indie Rock” or “Indie Pop” and I see the appeal of their music at BottleRock. They performed 17 songs, it was a great performance well received.


edit by: Leah Storkson