Frank Hannon – The 10 Records That Changed My Life

(Image: © Ross Halfin)

Loudersound – With TESLA’s new album Shock about to be unleashed on the world, guitarist Frank Hannon guides us through the albums that got him here.

“There are a lot of great albums that I’ve loved over the years,” says Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon. “But there are certain records that are more than that. These are the albums that have helped shape the soundtrack of my life, to use a cliché phrase.”

For Hannon, albums released between 1976 and 1986 transcend all others. “I guess you’d call that period my ‘formative years,” he says. “I was a young kid getting into music, so the albums that I listened to were very, very important to me. They were my escape, but more than that, they paved the way for my wanting to become a musician.”

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