The Broun Fellinis started the evening off. A trio consisting of Kirk Peterson (electric bass), Kevin Carnes (drums/electronics), and David Boyce (tenor saxophone/EFX/Moog), these guys have been part of the Bay Area music scene since they formed in 1991. With nine full-length recordings to their credit, their latest is BLAM. They are exceptional players and master arrangers.


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The Fellinis will be playing at Yoshi’s in S.F. with the poet Quincy Troupe (co-writer of the Miles Davis autobiography) on Tuesday, March 27, 8pm. Their latest CD, BLAM‘, is available on or at their shows.

Then A Band Called Pain hit the stage and absolutely ROCKED! Founders Allen Anthony (lead vocal) and Shawn Bivens (lead guitar) started their first band when they were just 11 years old. After their band Christion signed with Jay-Z’s Roc-A-Fella Records, the two parted ways. In the years following, Shawn signed with RCA Records as a solo rapper and went on to become a producer, while Allen turned toward the studio to pay the bills, singing hooks for a number of rappers. In 1999, Shawn and Allen reunited and, along with bassist Bryan Dean and drummer Akili, formed A Band Called Pain. Their music is heavy yet melodic, with relentless groove capable of crossing into multiple markets. See for yourself…take a minute and check out these links