Gary Clark Jr.

Gary Clark Jr., The Fox Theatre, Oakland CA, Dec 6 2015

Gary Clark Jr Proves You Can Go To Heaven and Live To Tell About It

San Francisco’s KFOG radio held their annual Concert for Kids this past Sunday night, raising over $27,000 for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals and Toys for Tots that featured Austin phenom, Gary Clark Jr. Playing to a packed house at The Fox Theater in Oakland, he delivered another of what has become a long succession of remarkable, if not altogether legendary performances.

Gary Clark Jr. and His Band Deliver Eloquent Performance

Backed by bassist Johnny Bradley, drummer Johnny Radelat and rhythm guitarist, King Zapata, the band filled the hall with a full and satisfying two hour performance. To watch and listen to one of Gary’s shows is to take a journey through a multitude of styles; all eloquently delivered.

Gary Clark Jr.’s Swampy Growling to a Falsetto Voice Rounded Out the Show

Among those are straight up rock, blues, R&B, soul, and psychedelia to name a few. A visit to his website reveals Gary stating: “I listen to everything…so I want to play everything.” And that sentiment was on full display on Sunday night. Known and admired for his abilities on guitar, his vocals and song writing abilities are not to be overlooked. Throughout the night he and the band covered terrain from fat, swampy growling tunes to delicate soulful falsetto voiced numbers that reached deep to your romantic side with many points in between.

Opening for Gary were folk singer and song writer Greg Holden followed by the band Houndmouth, who rounded out the evening.

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