Guaranteed Good Time

to get a band, like Counting Crows, who could sell out a space more akin to The Paramount in Oakland (which holds close to 3,000 people), to instead perform in a smaller venue. It’s a great way for bands to hone their set in a more intimate setting while also giving fans quite a treat.

Well, the Bay Area’s own Counting Crows are doing just that. On Friday, March 9, they will perform at Slim’s. And then the very next night, March 10, Counting Crows perform at the beautiful Great American Music Hall. Just to give you the idea: Slim’s holds 800 maximum, and the Great American Music Hall holds 600. SAY WHAT? Me, and 599 pals, hangin’ out with Counting Crows?

You know it.

Join in the fun, won’t you? The tickets will go on sale this Sunday, February 19. If you visit you can get all the details.

All this underplaying celebrates the fact that Counting Crows have a new album coming out. It’s a collection of lesser known covers. I’ve heard it, and I like it, especially The Faces’ “Oooh LaLa.” The name of the album is Underwater Sunshine, it comes out on March 10, and the cover art was designed by a Counting Crows fan.

OK, I’ll see you out there, hangin’ from the rafters.

Renee Richardson