Guaranteed Good Time

The name means with vigor, or with spirit, and it is an appropriate moniker for such a band. Con Brio is fronted by a singer named Xandra Corpora. She has a truly soulful and striking voice that is accompanied by seriously talented musicianship, but never gets lost. As a sextet they employ saxophones, trumpets, and organs, oh my! Theirs is a sound that grooves from funk to jazz to soul and back again.

Con Brio formed in 2009 and I have been watching them quickly sell-out venue after venue, they have a loyal following and there is always room for another new fan.

I recommend you visit their BandCamp site: Or their myspace page.

And I highly recommend you join me for the Con Brio show on May 24th at Great American Music Hall in SF with Marcus Cohen and The Congress. Get tickets.

See you out there!

Renee Richardson


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