Guaranteed Good Time

While that is a cover song, their original material is also fantastic. Awhile back I started to write a blurb for Nicki’s new album, and I got as far as: “When you hear Nicki and the band, you will want to climb in a van and take a year-long road trip with them…” I don’t know why I never finished the blurb. I probably got snowed under with work, and life. But I will not let anything stop me from catching one of the Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers shows in the Bay Area over the summer. The band will be touring, but they’ll make a few stops from Santa Cruz to Petaluma over the next few months, and you shouldn’t miss them.

  • 6/19/12, Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
  • 6/18/12, Don Quixote’s, Santa Cruz
  • 8/4/12, Petaluma Music Festival, Petaluma

And if you feel like taking a road trip (c’mon, it’s only three hours from S.F…):

  • 8/18/12, Grass Valley Performing Arts Center, Grass Valley

Here is the official website:

Renee Richardson


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