Guaranteed Good Time

In 1992 San Francisco was brimming with great bands, and 11th Street between Folsom and Harrison was the place to discover new music. On any given night, you could roll into the Paradise Lounge and discover some great band on one of three stages. Then you’d cross the street, and Slim’s was packed to the rafters. And then, because you just had to, you’d party until sunrise at the DNA.

Today, as I scour the Bay Area each year for great bands to include on the KFOG Local Scene CD, I know we still have a rich music scene…but it seems like fewer people are making live music a priority. I know not why. Home theater systems? Family? Finances? My plan here is to give you an idea of who’s making great music, and where, so we can pack it up to those rafters again.

This Friday there will be a CD release party for Jesse Brewster ( I’ve know Jesse for years and have watched him grow into quite a fine musician. Jesse is a singer/songwriter whose style is often described as Americana, but I have heard the new album, and ladies and gents, we have a new category… AmeROCK-ONa!

Join me for the the official CD release party of Jesse Brewster’s Wrecking Ball at the Concert Hall this Friday, Oct. 21, at the Cafe Du Nord (2170 Market Street) in San Francisco.

Renee Richardson