Knowing and Understanding Every Aspect of the Job

, or just overlook, the fact that doing the job entails so much more. We not only have to do our job as performers. But we also have to be a sales rep for everyone else we work with, as well. When we are hired to work at a venue, the job should most definitely include knowing and understanding what the venue needs to help create revenue. The more money the venue makes, the better it is for the performer. And we just might get a call back for another booking.

Try learning the specials offered by the venue. That should include any food specials they have running, so you can pass that info on to your fans. Ideally, you should try the food and maybe pick a favorite. That way, you are sincere when you promote it. Find out the house drink, and the best beers on tap (if that’s what your fans typically drink). Maybe there is a special on top-shelf liquors that you can help push. The staff will always love you for that, as it helps them do well for the night. And of course, the venue owners or management are very pleased when they hear back that a band came in and pushed for food/drink sales.

Stay true to your self and in sharing your sincerity to support the venue. We should all remember to never forget: that without the venue, we have no place to share our true passion: our music!

So stay tuned, as there will be more to come. Peace.