Latin Music Venues In Our Community

Where could we go to dance the night away while practicing and working out all the moves we just learned from the awesome club dance instructors? Where could we go to sing along without being judged (because we usually only sing in the shower or in our cars with the music turned all the way up)? Where could we go to enjoy the company of our friends? Where could we go to just watch, listen, and bask in the experience? Where could we go to meet new people and make new friends? Where could we go when we want to be somewhere where everyone knows who we are and always welcomes our return?

These questions might cross our minds from time to time, but do we fully understand what it takes to run these clubs that we so very much enjoy? A tremendous amount of work, dedication, and sacrifice are involved in owning and operating a live music venue, as I know very well. You could say that latin music is my family’s business. I hope to use this blog to help shed some much needed light on this particular subject.

So stay tuned, as there will be more to come. Peace.