Travel back in time!  We’re going back to from 1984 to 1992 when KFOG 104.5 FM had a real “Wild and Crazy” DJ doing the morning drive time hours.  His name was M. Dung and he was as unique and different as Wolfman Jack was in the 1960’s on the AM dial.  “Dung Boy” as we affectionally called him got his foot in the KFOG door by hosting what he called “The Sunday Night Idiot Show!”  He pulled all his own records and delivered the music in a way that only Dung has ever delivered it on the radio.  He was different and fresh.  Dung built a real radio audience!

Now, as a special treat for BAM readers and listeners, we have dug up the infamous “M. Dung April Fool’s Bungee Cord Hoax” for some of you to hear again and for others to hear for the first time!  Bungee Jumping was brand new back then and Dung had set up the joke by having a guy named “Al Bailey” from the “Radical Rebound” bungee cord company come into the station for an interview the Friday before the hoax.  The guy seemed for real and he told Dung that over the weekend he would build a custom bungee cord crane so that M could jump off the side of the KFOG building.  Dung was excited about this and they scheduled his jump on the following Monday, (April Fool’s Day.)

CLICK HERE:  “M. Dung’s April Fool’s Bungee Cord Hoax”

M. Dung… A-WAY?!!!  Well, it sure seemed that way on KFOG that morning.  The radio audience bought the story!  It sounded real.  KFOG Newsman, Scoop Nisker’s voice throwing it back to regular programming was the clincher.  Dung left everyone hanging, (pardon the pun) until the end of his show at 10:00 when he came back on the air to say, “APRIL FOOLS!”

The next day in the San Francisco Chronicle there was an article about the “KFOG M. Dung April Fool’s Bungee Cord Hoax.”  We all had a good laugh and the boss was happy.

M. Dung– KFOG DJ and “Jumper.”
Mike Shumann– KFOG Sports Director and prompter.
Kenny Wardell– as “Al Bailey” from “Radical Rebound” bungee company.