Meet Google Music Store’s Head Geek

His band, Too Much Joy, was successful in the 1990s. The band and Tim had some colorful moments back then, including a run-in with Bozo the Clown for using a five-second sample, and Tim’s band was arrested for “indecency” while performing material written by 2 Live Crew.

Tim, seeing the changing consumer trends, was involved with the launch of the first online music subscription service, Rhapsody. Now, Tim has accepted a bigger challenge — heading up the team whose responsibilities include merchandising in the Google Music Store. Tim refers to himself as “Google Music’s Record Store Geek.” He is supported by a competent staff of music lovers. The Google Music Store, different from any music store I’ve ever known, allows you to store over 20,000 songs online for free, along with the ability to purchase millions of songs from Android Market. You just download the Google Music Manager, and start a new music experience. Tim has made it a point to hire real music fans, and to showcase music of all genres and styles. His team is responsible for helping us sort through the new releases and showcasing music created in the past. Google offers a cloud service so you can access your collection from any device from your own cloud. With all the music stores already in existence, this might just be the most comprehensive of all of them. And I’m sure as time goes on, Google will make this better and better.