MegaCruise 2019 Death Angel part 1

Someone had a great idea to put 2300 metalheads on one ship… that someone was Megadeth!!! We cruised from LA to Mexico and back in 5 days.

And then to bring it to the next level they added bands like Lamb of god, Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel, Queensrysche, Armored Saint, Overkill, Metal Church, Corrosion of Conformity, Suicidal Tendencies, John 5, Doro, Dragon Force, Beast Blanco, Toothgrinder, & Metalachi! hosted by the one and only Jose of Sirius Radio!

So after we got back I started to edit, AND THEN THE FIRE CAME TO SONOMA COUNTY! #Kincadefire

Needless to say everything went into work, I worked many hours bringing people LP gas to keep them going as they evacuated the cities. So now that things are calming down I can start editing again. For the first time ever I shot everything from 1 position FROM 1 SEAT! I had no photo pass as I was actually on vacation!!! hahaha…

With that being said I give you my personal favorite from the 5 days at sea,

Death Angel center of ship on the pool deck

part 2 coming soon