Mixing It Up & Taking It All In

I enjoy listening to how others try to re-invent the wheel, the thinking-outside-the-box mentality, the ideas that flow ever so passionately. It always makes for such a wonderfully interesting night out. Be sure to note the ideas that you think you can use. Always be on your best game. Be well prepared, with plenty of business cards in hand, or at least, be ready to enter contact info onto your phone or iPad (or whichever tool you are using these days). Have your sales pitch thought out and refined, and be ready to hit it hard and sell it! Whatever it is that you are currently doing, don’t be afraid to go out there and get it, make it happen. It is yours for the taking, if you truly want it bad enough. When heading into every conversation, envision the positive response you want to receive. As you dig into the open dialogue, always keep a clear mind for the end-goal, and deliver it.

Of course, the follow-up is going to be key in this process. Wait a few days before you contact those you met, just to let everyone recuperate. That’s why it is very important that you always get their business card at the very same time that you give them yours. That way, you can follow up after the mixer. Be ready to close the deal if that is within the topic you discussed during your meeting. Be direct and professional at all times. Be sensitive to hearing what they have to say about what you do and how they may want to work with you. And most definitely, take note of their response. Their input is key, as it will make everything that much easier to remember. Always tell yourself that your time and what you do is worth the time you put into it. And if you’re always doing just that, that is what people will see, and they will be drawn to it. Good luck, and I hope this little bit of information helps.

Stay true to your self and in sharing your sincerity to supporting the venue. We should all remember to never forget, that without the venue, we have no venue to share our true passion…our music!

So stay tuned, as there will be more to come. Peace.