Music Is The Answer

Need some tunes to get me groovin’ so I throw on DJ MFR’s West Coast Excursions Volume 6. It kicks off with the local and international soulful house stylings of San Fran’s own Miguel Migs track The Love We Had. Alright, I’m awake…waking up…ah yes, track two is coming in…the New Mondo Deep Remix of Total Control featuring San Francisco’s own soulful house prince Morrisson on vocals.

I don’t know if it’s my 5-shot-no foam-125-degree-soy-latte or these beats but damn, I reckon’ it’s the latter and like Frank’s Red Hot I put that sh*t on everything! Thank you DJ MFR, I’m ready – I’m ready, yes I am.

With the holiday season officially on deck we gotta keep our bodies moving. The Halloween candy, the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas cakes ain’t gonna burn themselves off. So in the words of the great Aly-Us classic: Follow Me to the club. On the soulful house tip, Oakland’s got something going I might have to occupy. Local house music PRODUCER/DJ DAVID HARNESS is celebrating his birthday at ATM’s Deeper Side Of Soul party on November 10th. That’ll be jumpin’ off at La Estrellita/Transit in Oakland. Then, the following Saturday (11/12), I’m definitely looking forward to the Salted Party at Mighty in SF with Julius Papp and Migs doing what they do with very special guest Fred Everything…and the party people LOVE IT! I do too. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, check out this clip of Bay Area favorite MARK FARINA tearing it up at WMC 2011.

Ah yes, Music is the answer! Keep it deep.


Morris Knight